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Privacy Statement

We know that your privacy is important to you and we promise to respect it. At Linde Lane LLC, we never sell, barter, or trade any information about you or your visit to our web site. Linde Lane LLC is committed to providing you an exciting and informative email experience as well as safeguarding your privacy online. Please read our privacy policy below, as it explains our email and web site policy and practices. Please check back often, as our privacy policy and email practices may change, without notice, to reflect changes in related legislation or to provide better service to our marketing partners.

Email Marketing, Your Personal Information and Your Privacy

SPAM: Every Linde Lane, LLC marketing campaign ("Campaign") requires our marketing partners to contractually agree that both parties will use their mutual best efforts to ensure the Campaign results in a positive email experience for all recipients of the email message. Linde Lane, LLC does not intentionally distribute, condone or encourage unsolicited commercial bulk email ("Spam") and does not intend any email Campaign to result in the proliferation of Spam. We request that all our marketing partners and clients respect and adhere to this policy and strictly conform to all State and Federal legislation relating to Spam.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Viewing an email message or visiting our site does not enable us to collect any personal information from or about the individual unless their informed permission is provided. Linde Lane, LLC maintains the email list or web site data and in some instances, a limited amount of personal information about intended recipients, to ensure that the Campaign is accurately directed to those individuals who may be interested in receiving that type of marketing information. We will not compile, disclose or resell this personal information. We are committed to protecting all of the personal information we collect and the privacy of everyone who receives an email message or visits our web site. We have taken extensive measures to safeguard our computer systems and servers, and all of our employees handle all personal information in a secure and professional manner.

TRACKING DATA: As with most websites, when you view or interact with a Linde Lane, LLC web site or email message, our servers will automatically log and/or recognize Campaign information. This information is used not only to protect you but also to help measure the Campaign results.

OPT-IN PARTICIPATION: In some email messages or web site forms, the viewer will be able to request that his/her name be added to a list of individuals interested in receiving other email messages in the future, and this list may be shared with our marketing partners in the future, but we will not release any of your personal information to any third party without your permission. For email communications you will have the opportunity to remove your name from this list at any time, using the unsubscribe button located at the end of each communication.

PRIVACY DISCLAIMER: We are committed to helping you enjoy a positive email or web site experience and safeguarding your privacy, however, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted over the Internet, and you do so at your own risk. Further, our marketing partners have separate privacy and data collection practices that may be different than ours. We are not responsible or liable for these independent information-handling policies, and we recommend using caution when providing personal information while interacting online.

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